A combination of a shoulder surgeon and a shoulder specialist physical therapist is essential to the treatment of shoulder diseases. We, the Osaka Shoulder Team, are teamed with talented shoulder surgeons and talented shoulder specialist physiotherapists. The purpose of the team is 1 clinical, 2 education, 3 research for shoulder joint diseases. In the clinical setting, various questions come out. To solve these questions skilled researchers educated young researchers for individual research beyond the framework of shoulder surgeons and shoulder specialist physical therapists.

To date, we have made various presentations at many domestic and foreign academic meetings and study meetings. In addition, we have submitted various papers and many of our papers were accepted. If you are interested in treating, teaching, and researching shoulder joint diseases by seeing our achievements, we would be delighted if you could contact us.

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Interaction with a French shoulder surgeon who leads shoulder surgery in the world

French shoulder surgeons have done a lot of research so far. We have deepened many exchanges with the French shoulder surgeon and have been studying for a long time. So, it is no exaggeration to say that we have been pulling on shoulder surgery in the world. The experience is one of the best for us. We believe that the accumulation of knowledge and the accumulation of international exchange will lead to the improvement of awareness and humanity. From now on, members of the Osaka Shoulder Team will continue to deepen their international exchange and continue their journey of self-help.

Dr. Gilles Walch and Dr. Ito With Prof. Pascal Boileau With Prof. Luc Favard Dr. Philippe Collin and Dr. Manaka With Prof. Francois Sirveaux With Dr. Christophe Levigne and Dr. Lionel Neyton With Dr. Christophe Levigne and Prof. Luc Favard With Dr. Philippe Collin With Dr. Lionel Neyton

The hospitals where members of the Osaka Shoulder Team are active are as follows.

Ito Clinic, Osaka Shoulder Center

Osaka City Unuversity Hospital

Sanokinen Hospital

Nagayoshi General Hospital